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Oh Switzerland: Land of Assult Rifles in Every Home!


  1. but still few years they don’t have the right to keep ordnance military ammo for theses rifles.

  2. At age 20, the Swiss citizen is drafted into its militia army, willing nilly. It used to be without exception. We knew that at 20, we would bear the uniform. It was good. We learned to live in society, to live in group, be disciplined with fellow draftees, be orderly, You were with guys of all walks of life, all types of education. It shaped our character.. Exercising militarily built men. Your individual discipline was subordinated to the group, the unit’s rigor. We trained in our mountains, suffered somewhat physically, but admired the beauty of the country. We were paying back, by being draftees, the wellbeing and standard of living that our ancestors had secured for us. We would have defended our fatherland to the end. Serving was an honor, a distinction.

  3. & no mass shooting in it’s history (that I know of). How can that be? Military style guns cause mass shootings, don’t they?

  4. ;You are going to need them soon when the Muslims start taking over your Lives and your Freedoms!

  5. Don’t believe the hype, Switzerland does have a military: http://t.co/G4ttbHTRsm

  6. yet the murder rate isn’t like Chicago or any other US city. I can’t think why.

  7. Grew up around guns – not locked up. Nobody shot any family member/stranger. Sick of hearing the litany of MDA etc.

  8. If only they were conservative in more ways than just THAT.

  9. Swiss are 8 million high income/educated people. They don’t need assault rifles. Are neutral to protect their Swiss banking

  10. Also known as the cold Texas.

  11. well, there their citizen are swiss and not americans educated by hollywood culture.

  12. — not what it seems. Ammunition is heavily regulated in Switzerland and stored centrally. Very disappointing.

  13. The lowest gun crime rate in the World.

  14. w full auto option= an actual assault rifle

  15. Once and for all: it is very simple to buy ammo in CH, you can buy as much as you want of .223 which shoots quite well in the Stgw90/Fass90/SIG550. It is only the military ammo that is now not available at home anymore.

  16. They have a VERY DIFFERENT population than we do.

  17. . A virtuous Government wouldn’t fear an armed citizenry. ….!

  18. . you r right, except Swiss was not invaded because nazi needed to keep their banks as “neutral” 4 money laundering purposes

  19. The difference to US is that the Swiss have military service this means they are taught &understand guns. More responsible

  20. “: MT Oh Switzerland: Land of Assault Rifles in Every Home! ⇒ http://t.co/Pki9QSHrWU #Guns”
    /and bank accounts 😉

  21. exactly right and i hope they start blasting those savages

  22. What? Don’t they realize the only thing that keeps you safe is a “gun-free zone” sign? /sarc

  23. That is the model we should follow to protect us infidels from radical Islam. Most of us don’t know we are infidels, so….

  24. Notice how we don’t hear of terror attacks there.

  25. @auslibdems And training. Bring back conscription??

  26. if every man and women were trained and equipped no one would be crazy enough inside or outside our borders to attack

  27. No standing army would cut spending on military
    tax dropped in half
    Free education for all
    Extreme prosperity for all

  28. no one would be crazy enough to attack us
    So no more war

  29. Everyone owns an assault weapon
    a small police force
    you would protect yourself
    No more corrupt militarised police

  30. True. We have a relative who’s lived there almost 10 yrs now and this statement is 100% correct. They are trained too.

  31. True. We have a relative who’s lived there almost 10 yrs now and this statement is 100% correct. They are trained too.

  32. Factually incorrect as ~25% of households owns firearms, automatic weapons prohibited +license&register
    All in one Google!

  33. buhari committed genocide

  34. @Gun_Shots they don’t allow ammunition in the home for said rifles

  35. @Gun_Shots @HouseDemocrats @HouseGOP @SenateGOP @SenateDems #FoodForThought #2A

  36. @Gimme_Ammo I’m guessing most of the Swiss are born in Texas

  37. and a nice cup of hot tea.