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Number of School Shootings Prior to 1934: Zero

Number of School Shooting Prior to 1934: Zero

Before 1934, any child could order this machine gun by mail.
Number of school shootings prior to 1934: ZERO.


  1. Clearly gun control is working as effectively as the war on drugs and illegally downloading music and movies online.

  2. Wasn’t that BEFORE gun control? When the 2nd Amendment reigned Supreme and there were no searches every time you farted

  3. less shootings and more gun ownership–hmmmm! #nra #sisterpatriots #teambuck

  4. let me guess.. that is when we started gun control (to stop mafia violence?)

  5. Which begs the question, what has changed?

  6. that particular weapon, correct:The first known mass shooting . where students were shot, was on April 9, 1891, Newburgh NY

  7. It took to long to reload the Musket

  8. Cute–but the denizens of Neander Valley must defend themselves from us daemons on the Left…

  9. “Number of School Shootings Prior to 1934: Zero” ahh the good old days, when nobody had guns. #guncontrol

  10. Boys probably took their rifles to school in the 1800’s yet no one thought to use it on fellow humans. What’s wrong here?

  11. It’s absolutely true. Psychopaths and zealots will always find a way to kill, gun laws only effect people who obey the law

  12. Coincidence? I think not.👍

  13. that actually makes sense: it’s incredibly cumbersome.

  14. Americans could own naval ships with cannons on them too. It was AWESOME.