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Nobody Needs an AR-15!


Nobody needs an AR-15!
Well, nobody needs a whiny little bitch either, yet here you are.


  1. Also, it’s our freedom of choice on the line. That’s what it means to be an American.

  2. and nobody needs a cigarette either or maybe a fast car. Need has nothing to do with it.

  3. I don’t need A ar,so I have three.

  4. until the Dem storm troopers come visit. Then you need an arsenal.

  5. Exactly. We need tripod mounted 50 caliber machine guns. Gets the job done quicker.

  6. “: Nobody Needs an AR-15! ⇒ http://t.co/jf7fGkxOmB #Guns” LOL #HandsOffMyGun

  7. @4JackieBrown why not?

  8. Nobody NEEDS a heated toilet seat either, but that gives you a nice warm feeling too.

  9. No, but I still want one.

  10. True but I’ve reached the point in life where my needs have been met & I am now working on the nice-to-haves.

  11. “: Nobody Needs an AR-15! ⇒ http://t.co/6B1mub447W #Guns”@Technomage5205

  12. no one needs to tell people they don’t need a AR I just love mine and I loved my M16 when I was in the Army.

  13. I do what’s more American than the American Rifle 15 platform….

  14. True piss-ass .223 get a 30 cal or above

  15. I do it’s my go to varmint rifle…

  16. Yeah – Nobody needs a knuckle – head bully boy but one is — Related HAA !

  17. LOL! If you think nobody needs one you haven’t fired one! #tryityouwillloveit

  18. more guns = less death! corrupt republican logic, yay!

  19. no on needs Libtard morons either and yet…they are everywhere.

  20. People that have AR 15s either have a small penis or are women who want a penis.