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My Next Door Neighbor Wants to Ban all Guns!

My next door neighbour wants to ban all guns!
Their house is NOT ARMED!
Out of respect for their opinions i Promise not to use my guns to protect them!


  1. Hope he or she gets cut down with a clown nose. For comedies sake.

  2. Then yer neighbor will understand when u CHOOSE to not help them in case o home invasion, burglary, or US unrest.

  3. You’re next door neighbour is obviously much more sensible and rational than you are!

  4. It’s called liberalism, it’s a disease, and only common sense is the cure. – Ronald Reagan

  5. ask how you are to defend him when bad guys attack if guns are banned.

  6. Good he can ban his own. No problem there.

  7. Tell him to pound sand.

  8. Probably Shannon Watts’ neighbour.

  9. Why, so he become a defenseless puppet of the Government?

  10. tell him you’ll buy his

  11. put a sign out that you wont stop a burgiler robbing that house

  12. put a sign in your front yard that says Hey burglars his house is not protected

  13. Then put up a sign “Gun free zone, next door.”

  14. I would want to ban all guns as well,why should innocent ppl loose their life because someone is trigger happy.

  15. in that case, ms. Jane, how about you start by taking them from the criminals?

  16. Guns for everyone? Even cops, Obama’s goons (terrorists) and all those idiots? Might not be bad if ALL were gone.

  17. He doesn’t have to own a gun, nobody has to own a gun! He can ban guns from his own house! No problem! He chooses no guns

  18. when “they” come 2 ur neighborhood packin’ heat, stones etc.don’t let said neighbor have benefit of hiding bhind u

  19. yeah because gun-free zones are respected by criminals…NOT! Criminals LOVE gun free zones.

  20. till his house gets broken into them he wishes he had 1

  21. Let your neighbor be the one then that greets ISIS at the door when they come knocking!

  22. congrats! You will be on the news as a hero for saving their unarmed butts.

  23. “: My Next Door Neighbor Wants to Ban all #Guns! ⇒ http://t.co/pwILOyH7lt”

  24. Tell the neighbor they should move to England, the only ones with guns in U.K. are the muzzie’s and the criminal elements .

  25. My 1st Cousin lives in England & raves about socialized medicine & gun control. She’s Progressive, of course…

  26. is your neighbor a moron?

  27. Ask the bad guys for theirs first

  28. Remind them the campus that was just shot up was a gun free zone
    Guns were banned there too

  29. That’s fine. Makes him easier to pick him off once the fighting starts.

  30. lol we had a neighbor with an anti-gun sign in their yard one summer – I never felt safer!

  31. Now that is fairly provocative! Love to sit in on their community meeting.

  32. You live next door to Abu Bakr al Baghdadi?