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Law Abiding Citizens Aren’t The Problem


Law Abiding Citizens Aren’t The Problem; Do Not Infringe On Our Civil Rights


  1. Law abiding citizens are a huge problem for Communist, Obama who operate lawlessly, no morals no conscience #ImpeachObama

  2. Yes they R; if they use their ears, eyes, & brains B4 they vote; they cause all kinds of #Trouble 4 the #BusyBodies N Gov’t

  3. the problem is the president, he is better known as a dictator, BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA biggest mistake in history!

  4. They R becoming the victims of the Big Brother Government!

  5. White male undergrads?

  6. Mercy, what would #mrRogers say about a RT? Well, i just got my answer No automatic weapons should ever be manufactured @

  7. The problem is the term “Law Abiding Citizens” Anyone can be singled out and convicted of a felony. Then you’ll understand