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Gun Control: Still Believe It’s Safer Not to be Armed?

Still believe it is safer to not be armed?


  1. that’s an individual decision ..I choose to be armed

  2. for the people not to be armed simply means.. we would be under a new Hitler in no time at all !

  3. foolish not to have one!!

  4. just ask any business owner that has put up a sign in the door that said no guns allowed

  5. “: Gun Control: Takes steady aim and concentration!!

  6. I feel safer with my 7 firearms – especially since I live alone

  7. they can have being unarmed,I will be armed until and ready to defend against evil and tyrants until I pass from this life

  8. It’s not just gun control it’s Control

  9. I believe everyone should know how to defend themselves no matter if is Guns knives, hands. More people die by hands.

  10. and gun control makes the criminal’s job a whole lot easier.;)

  11. Flake used to be OK, now he has joined the RINO elite to demonize anyone who doesn’t follow in lockstep. Wonder why?

  12. “Relax. The cops will be here any minute.”

  13. I can’t imagine not being able to defend myself in an unfair life threatening situation. #NRA #progun

  14. Rats continue to think they can get the cheese out of the trap!

  15. Australia struggled through another day of incident free gun oppression.

  16. schools need to teach kids how to use guns
    our country is that unsafe