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Gun Talk TV

GunTalk.TV is now online, giving you instant access to high-quality video content designed to entertain, inform, and educate you about all aspects of firearm ownership and use. Some content is free, other content requires a paid subscription. Free videos include: Drawing from Concealment The Value of Competitive Shooting Holstering a Handgun What is Three Gun?

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The Perfect Deer Rifle

It seems to me that Savage Firearms is currently manufacturing the perfect deer rifle, the Savage Model 16FLSS. The rifle is part of Savage’s “Weather Warrior” series. This means that the rifle is made in stainless steel with a durable synthetic stock. The combination gives the rifle an attractive look that will last for decades — even standing up to ...

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Homemade Shotgun Videos

These videos show what is possible if you live in an area where the government has grown out of control. Most of the other “homemade shotgun” videos I found on YouTube were terrible, so if you find a good one please tell us about it!

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The World’s Best AK-47

Do you remember when your mother would ask you “If all of your friends jumped off a bridge, would you jump off a bridge too? That’s the way I feel about AK-47′s. Most of my friends own an AK-47.  Many of my friends own several AK-47′s.  And yet I have avoided buying one for years. My reticence to invest in ...

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