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Banning Assault Rifles Would Have Prevented the Sandy Hook Shooting?

Banning Assault Rifles Would Have Prevented the Sandy Hook Shooting?

Banning Assault Rifles Would Have Prevented the Sandy Hook Shooting?

False. Connecticut Already Had an Assault Rifle Ban.


  1. yeah, cause the deranged bozo gave a micro-shit about the illegality of his gun.

  2. Yeah but, yeah but, yeah but, never allow facts to get in the way of the holy NARITIVE.

  3. I’m not sure this is true. I know lots of people bought them b4 sandy hook. Pre ban (1994 ban) still legal to buy in CT

  4. but a ban would have done nothing to prevent any shooting

  5. No assault weapons were involved there.

  6. LOL (They would have as much luck banning liberal nutjobs).

  7. NO! Sandy Hook was a parenting, psychological issues, etc.

  8. @GinaGWeiss Just like NJ’s gun laws prevented this…http://t.co/5KWaJqVoG6

  9. Seems have to stop the gangbangers from shooting people in Chicago, they have started using pork bellies

  10. @Gun_Shots absolutely not! And btw sandy hook was fake!

  11. and umm he use handguns. Not “assault rifles”

  12. no, banning the med’s the shooter was on

  13. “Assault rifles” have been illegal for almost 100 yrs
    Dems are just ignorant so want to make them illegal again

  14. They should make stealing your mom’s guns and shooting her in the head illegal.

  15. We should ban cars then horses would B more valuable & better cared for. Not so many turned n2 dog food

  16. no because he would have still killed people with whatever he could get. Another way to take away our protection and rights

  17. And there wasn’t an “Assault Gun” used.

  18. :Banning Heroin will end Heroin overdoses as well..


  20. tell that to every person shot in Chicago …

  21. you don’t have to combine politics and humor … it often happens by ‘itself’!

  22. assault rifle ban in a war zone would really change the outcome

  23. If they can make guns via 3d imaging, gun laws are null and void. Death by techno…

  24. :Actually, banning school would have worked better!

  25. no. Assault rifle made up name by media and freedom killing govt

  26. There is valid proof this was nothing but a show, no one was KILLED all BS

  27. also false because he used handguns; the Armalite-designed AR stayed in the trunk.

  28. Kind of like when only some people get vaccinated. Works better when whole population is. Ban assault rifles nationwide.

  29. no they would used what ever available, people kill,not guns

  30. are they banned from HAVING assault rifles or are they banned from USING assault rifles?

  31. “#SandyHookShootings? Political Laughs? Ongoing Generational Pains,Traumas&Pains?Justify Or#GoToHell!I HAVENOFEARSOFYOU!”

  32. Sandy Hook students attended Super Bowl at the Meadowlands. Obama admin admitted it was a drill.

  33. Yup ,and sandy hook was a FEMA training film in the first place it wasn’t a real thing!