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The shotgun is the best firearm to protect your home and family. This is true for several reasons: A shotgun is extremely powerful at short ranges It is difficult to miss with a shotgun Shotgun shells do not penetate well through walls, decreasing the chance of injuring a friendly person by accident The defensive shotgun should be 12ga, and should ...

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Browning Automatic Rifle

John M. Browning filed a partent for the Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR) on 1 August, 1917 and the rifle was in combat by 1918. The original Browning Automatic Rifle could fire 550 rounds of .30-06 ammunition a minute. The Browning Automatic Rifle was used by the U.S. military through WWII and the Korean conflict. A few Browning Automatic Rifles even ...

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Winchester Shotguns

Manuals for Winchester Shotguns 1300 Shotgun Super X2 Semi-Automatic Shotgun Super X2 Practical Supplement Supreme Over/Under Shotgun Books on Winchester Shotguns US Winchester Trench and Riot Guns and other US Combat Shotguns This is the first book ever written that is devoted to U.S. Combat Shotguns. The story of their development begins during the late 19th Century and carries through ...

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