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An AR-15 Can Shoot 5,000 Bullets Per Second from Its Assault Clip


An AR-15 Can Shoot 5,000 Bullets Per Second from Its Assault Clip. It Can Also Shoot Lasers, Grenades, Mount a Bayonet, and Has a Shoulder Thing That Goes Up. Nobody Needs That Kind of Firepower.


  1. Only in a liberal, anti-gun mind.Fully-automatic 800-900 rpm Semi automatic depends on person 180-200 rpm avg. exp. shooter

  2. There is no reason that anyone needs to shoot 18,000,000 rounds an hour to kill a deer. #gunsense #everytown #momsdemand

  3. I’ll bet the Army would like one of those. Specially’ with the Assault Clip.

  4. No it can not. AR15’s are semiautomatic, clone of the M16, witch can.

  5. man, that is one fast finger

  6. Hmmm!!! And how long does it take to reload that clip?

  7. @koolkat14215 Harf can fire 5000 question marks per second from her Assault Lip.

  8. But only if it’s painted black….

  9. if that’s true- I want one!

  10. where can get one mine only shots one round per trigger pull

  11. the libtards will see this, believe it and then run with it

  12. that’s some ammo clip

  13. where can I by an AR-15 like that? The laser thing-a-ma-bob, I need that!

  14. Can you give the precise time it takes to empty one clip.

  15. So in 0,360 sec you empty a 30 round mag?

  16. But that assault clip only holds 30 magazines.

  17. That’s why NJ only allows 4000 round magazines.

  18. “: An AR-15 Can Shoot 5,000 Bullets Per Second from Its Assault Clip – http://t.co/5efI68YDGc”

    Where can I get one?

  19. If you oil the bullets up, you can easily get 5,700 bullets per second from its assault clip.

  20. well mine shoot’s 10 thousand rounds per sec that must be an old model but it’s hell on the finger’s reloading damn it

  21. Mine launches 5.56x45mm nuclear tipped expanding wad cutters at 75k fps.

  22. I pity the grunt who has to load THAT magazine & clean up the unicorn shit. All those sparkles.

  23. impossible..AR-15 can shot ONLY a magazine of bullets..THE velocity os shot can be 5,000/s(?) or minute?

  24. yes just what every growing boy needs

  25. where can I get one of those assault clips?

  26. I wish I could own that 240B😂.. I mean AR15😂

  27. LOL LOL LOL And @HilaryClinton will be the next President!

  28. The most aggravating thing about gun control ignorance is people believe it.

  29. And if all that firepower fails you can shove the collapsible stock in a lib’s butt to shut them up!

  30. Somebody has some explaining to do. Mine doesn’t do this.

  31. mine shoots a million billets a second

  32. I’ll take a dozen I’m going hunting this weekend

  33. None on target of course.

  34. At last we get the truth. They say that the AR-15 fires a heat seeking missile with a tac-nuke warhead. #Hillary’sOurGirl.

  35. have you seen what it can do to the face of a six-year-old child at Sandy Hook?

  36. Your a “special” kind of stupid!